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Dear sparkling soul,

welcome to MedYin Yoga and Meditation Retreats. Joining one of our retreats means saying yes to yourself, yes to life, and yes to your greatness. We will celebrate life together. We will use MedYin Yoga and breathing techniques as tools to align and reconnect with the core essence of who you truly are. You will anchor yourself in the knowing that…

  • You are already worthy beyond measure
  • Wellbeing is your birthright
  • Love and joy is your natural state
  • The power to create lies within you
  • Everything is always working out for you

Upcoming RetreATS

Bali - 2020

The Island of Gods. Magical. Transformational. Un-plug and dive into a world, that is waiting to support your journey towards freedom and empowerment. Dates for 2020 still in preparation.

Oberlech, Sonnenburg

The mountains, the air, the snow, and the surroundings of a 5* wellness mountain resort invite you to enjoy life, yoga, community and abundance. Next Retreat 29.Nov-1st Dec.

North Pakistan

Pure Magic. Visit an area of this world only a few will ever experience. Remote, stunningly beautiful, highly vibrational. 20. - 27. Sep 2019. Join us on this Once in a lifetime experience.