Bali Medyin Retreats

MedYin Retreats in Bali, Island of Gods

New Dates Coming up for 2020

6nights - 7days of Fun

Join an amazing group of fun-loving people on Bali, the Island of Gods, for 7 relaxing days and 6 wonderful nights at the Nirarta Center, Bali.

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Return to your Super-Powers

MedYin is a powerful combination of Meditation, Yin Yoga Asanas and Breathing Techniques, connecting you back to your core & heart. The exercises will focus on calming the mind, hearing your inner voice & thus allowing you to step into your full potential.

Come and Join us

Bali & MedYin – a truly powerful combination

Including: MedYin Retreat with 2 classes/day, hotel fullboard (3x meals, coffee breaks).
Special Ceremonies

Excl.: airfare & airport transfer, additional drinks.


 Let the outside, the past, the memories, the conditions and circumstances pass by and find the stillness within. Your power. Your Knowing. Your sense of Self.

“The greatest gift you can give to another is your own happiness”

A magical place in Sidemen, where time stands still and the energy and vibration of Bali and this wonderful retreat center blends into something unique and wonderful.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Namast√©.

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